Montgomery Mayors

Lloyd Smethurst

First Mayor, 1910-1921

Cliff Swift

Second Mayor, 1922-1924

James RadabaughJames Radabaugh
Third Mayor. 1925-1943

Thomas BehrensThomas Behrens
Fourth Mayor, 1944-1949

Carl DietzCarl Dietz
Fifth Mayor, 1950-1951

Cliff ToddCliff Todd
Sixth Mayor, 1952-1953

John SherrittJohn Sherritt
Seventh Mayor, 1954-1957

William VentressWilliam Ventress
Eighth Mayor, 1958-1961

Chester BartlettChester Bartlett
Ninth Mayor, 1962-1963

Robert NovakRobert Novak
Tenth Mayor, 1964-1975

Fred YoungFred Young
11th Mayor, 1976-1979

Florence KennedyFlorence Kennedy
12th Mayor, 1980-1983

Haron WiseHaron Wise
13th Mayor, 1983-1985

Pat HerboldPat Herbold
14th Mayor, 1985-1987

Eugene McCrackenEugene McCracken
15th Mayor, 1987-1989

Ivan SilvermanIvan Silverman
16th Mayor, 1989-1993 and 1995-1997

Don HessDon Hess
17th Mayor, 1993-1995

Richard TutenRichard Tuten
18th Mayor, 1998

Gary_BlombergGary Blomberg
19th Mayor, 1999-2004

Gerri HarbisonGerri Harbison
20th Mayor, 2005-2011

Ken SuerKen Suer
21st Mayor, 2012-2013

Todd SteinbrinkTodd Steinbrink
22nd Mayor, 2014-2015

Chris Dobrozsi
23rd Mayor, 2016-Present

Former Mayors’ Roundtable Video Project

Several years ago, City staff members embarked on a project to document Montgomery’s history since the completion of the book History of Montgomery 1795-1995.  This book was created, funded and published by the Montgomery Historic Society and the Montgomery Bicentennial Commission as a part of the 1995 Bicentennial celebration.

As a part of this history project, former Montgomery mayors gathered for a recorded roundtable discussion to capture their unique perspectives. The roundtable discussion, moderated by Director of Citizen Engagement Ray Kingsbury, captured their memories serving as mayor, the challenges they faced as well as significant accomplishments during their tenure.

The full two-hour video is packed with anecdotes and recollections on key developments that changed the look and feel of Montgomery.  An additional nine other videos are shorter cuts focusing on how Montgomery has evolved, the Sister Cities exchanges with Neuilly-Plaisance, economic development, zoning and how natural disasters have impacted Montgomery.

Thanks to Janet Korach and the Montgomery Historical Preservation Association for their assistance with this project by providing some of the photographs used in the videos.  A special thank you is also extended to the former mayors who gladly participated in the project.

Full Two-Hour Video


Funny Recollection



Economic Development

How Montgomery Has Evolved

Sister Cities

City Comes Together

Wise Words for Newcomers